Providing an innovation platform for public technologists and creators. 

A venture studio that's updating the playbook for designing, building and validating civic technology.

Why shouldn't the technology that gives people access to essential services and connects them to government not be just as intuitive to use as the next app?

We're working on making the theory around designing and building intuitive digital products more accessible and tailored to the public sector.

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Public tech has the capacity for just as much creativity as consumer tech. 

When introducing technology into complex, multifaceted problems - the approach in terms of the business model, research, validation and funding can be daunting.

Our design-thinking, product and startup expertise in navigating the path starting from problem discovery all the way to implementation, has us partnering with all innovative organizations, cities and entrepreneurs, worldwide. 


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Designing is one thing;  building and gaining traction is another. 


The Internet has transformed how quickly we can do research and has broken down many geographical barriers - however, it's a vast place and silos still exist within public-interest areas. .

By creating an open-access  knowledge base and forum for civic entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs where we can share the best practices, we're collectively increasing our knowledge capital.

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As public technologists, we want to find like-minded partners in the private, public and independent sectors.  

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