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Civic Innovation Fellowship

Social entrepreneurs

Public servants

2 - 12 months

  • $1000 registration fee

Since the pandemic has irrevocably changed the way communities are living and working, cities and public sector organizations are faced with making their services more accessible and safe. Creating personalized digital services and even supporting your internal programming requires new ways to solve old problems and a support system to do so.

The Process:

This fellowship will take a 10 person cohort through a 2-month program introductory course in which you'll get to level-up in your knowledge on specific technologies and innovation frameworks. For the rest of the year, you'll also get on-going coaching and a network of like-minded individuals looking to innovate in their respective fields. At the end of the program, you will have an opportunity to measure the impact of the initiatives you tried within your role and apply for mini-grants to fund the prototype of your project. The fellowship is designed to integrate in your day to day work and provide real-time value and insights for you and your organization. 

The program will address key questions:

  • What is our theory of change and the activities needed to achieve it?

  • What are the most pressing challenges in our focus area that is lacking new value?

  • What does the public need the most to improve the quality of their lives in relation to our focus area?

  • What are the knowledge areas and technologies that will propel our impact exponentially?

Concrete Takeaways

  • Training on existing prototyping and experimentation frameworks with the tools to create your own

  • Training on challenge framing and problem discovery

  • Year-long access to a network of coaches, experts and peers

  • A forum to get feedback, ideas and and practical advice

  • A certification upon completion of the program

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