App Prototype: Design & Launch

Areas of focus

Arts and Culture

Climate change & sustainability

Digital Events and Community Building

Taking your vision, business strategy or OKR from 50,000 feet to implementation can be tricky to navigate. The idea here is to maximize learning by putting a solution in users' hands. 

Quick Stats

  • App implementation and launch in 2.5 months and traction of 10,000 users in 6 months. 

  • Product pivot during Covid-19 pandemic under 1 months and traction of 8,000 users in 4 months

e180 | Switch & Co | Thrive Community

The Process:

The process starts with taking your vision and intended user journey and breaking it down into themes so that we are delivering a prototype that delivers A-Z value. From there, we establish clear acceptance criteria that will guide the design, dev and content towards the most high value work. We design and build along the path of least resistance without compromising on the quality of the end product. The most essential part of the process involves creating the right analytics infrastructure so that we can measure and observe the impact we're having on the end user. Along the whole process, we engrain data-informed decision making in your workflow and help the team feel tangible ROI for their hard work. 

Working together, here are some of the questions we'll be able to answer:

  • What does a Minimal Viable Product look like for us? What's the right tech stack for us?

  • What will differentiate/drive new value in our product?

  • How will we measure the successful adoption of this product?

  • What are the different activities needed to design, build, and launch this product/service?

  • Do we have the right resources in place to develop an MVP?

Here's a preview of what that gameplan might look like for you →