Creating scalable  workflows and developing intra-preneurship.

Areas of focus

Team development and workflow

Product Culture and Values

Product Strategy

We developing strong tech teams and their foundations, rooted in the right values of the business and of the end user. The goal of being part-time is to help you identify the best talent in your industry, internally or externally and to set them up for success. 

Quick Stats


  • Set up the design, dev and QA workflow for core product and B2B integrations that allowed business to scale 10x in under a year.

  • Restructured product team to function in a more lean fashion bringing tech overhead down by 60% whilst launching new product

e180 | Switch & Co | Thrive Community

The Process:

The process starts with jumping in with the team at 15 hours a week to map out the existing team, budget and vision for team growth for the next year. From their, I audit the existing workflows and get to know everyone on the team to understand what the team needs to succeed. We repeat the process on a C-level and audit the product roadmap and strategy to identify where we need closer alignment. We then rollout changes to the workflow and work towards the next product milestone, adjusting as we go along. The partnership wraps up with the training / coaching of a new Head of Product who can build upon this foundation.