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Public technologist coaching

Public institutions

Public servants

B Corps / Mission driven orgs

6 modules over a flexible timeframe

  • Rates upon discussion

The digital age is fast moving; developing one's technological acumen is key to meaningfully engaging with the community. Leverage technology for good by developing your knowledge base on emerging technologies. Develop a clear position on various technologies and how it might amplify the impact of your activities, policies and programs.

The Process:

The process starts with your area of focus and mapping the different socio-economic variables that influence it. From there, we will pinpoint which technologies are most relevant in your field for the next 10 - 15 years and create a customized training program. From there, we can develop your  position statements, technological roadmap and design the ideal citizen experience you envison. 

Working together, here are some of the questions we'll be able to answer:

  • What are the digital opportunities that will bring new value to our services?

  • How can we harness new sources for innovation beyond what other offices / governments do?

  • Which technologies are the most relevant and interesting to our future activities?

  • Are we driving measurable impact through our digital services / product? How do we measure it?

  • Are citizens / consumers having a delightful user experience when they interact with our programs?

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