Mapping the

'For Good' economy

The 'for good' economy is based on the supply of technological and educational content in response to pervasive public-interest issues. These issues range from promoting civic engagement to consumer behavior around recycling to addressing privacy and digital safety and beyond.

The outcome of this project will be a global public technology landscape which maps public-interest projects, highlights which cities are most conducive to promoting of civic innovation and where venture capital can have the biggest impact and return on investment. The players in this landscape come from the private, public, academic and independent sectors and we hope to highlight serendipitous paths of collaboration.

If you'd like to join us on the journey, we'll be posting regular updates on our progress via our Substack.

Why did we start this project?

At the heart of this work, is a belief that when one is working with the public interest in mind, that one is working towards a more fair and inclusive communities. 


There is a special kind of inspiration and momentum that comes with being able to see what solutions, prototypes and experienced have made it off paper and into the real world.  We believe that providing this visibility will promote public innovation and inspire more players form the private sector to think of how their products can be designed with the larger public interest in mind.

How does it work?

Using the GraphCommons software, we will map the different Public-interest Areas, the key players, the initiatives they've launched and where they operate from.

We will aim to include as much information about each project as we can in each player / project profile and document the relationships between each of the nodes and visualize the level of collaboration within each Public-interest Area and also the relationships between Areas.

How you can contribute

Submit your initiative

This is an open-source project and the world is a big place. Having you submit your initiative and details and then sharing the call to action with your circles will go a long way in helping shape this network. 

Become a partner / sponsor for this project

If you'd like to join forces and work together to define the public-interest space you're focused in, please get in touch with us directly!


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