The Rare Folks Network

We envision this network being equal parts of knowledge sharing and building a community of people that identify as civic entrepreneurs or intrapreneurs - regardless of which sector they work in.

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Public Technology Network 

Visualize the public-interest ecosystem of the private, public, academic and independent players that are directly (or indirectly!) collaborating on key public problems. 

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Join the community on Circle

We are gathering a close knit community of public technologists who are finding new and innovative ways to solve the most pressing problems in society.

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We follow an open-access philosophy and we are putting together resources which we ourselves use when working on projects and that we hope will enrich your toolkit - regardless of which industry you're working in. 

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Going from 50,000 feet to 5,000 feet

Taking big, complex ideas and turning it into actionable prototypes can be really challenging. Here are some resources to get started.

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Developing an intrapreneurial mindset

INTRApreneurship is the lesser-known counterpart of ENTREpreneurship and it is focused on how to drive innovation and autonomy within an organization.