Our mission as public technologists.

We are focused on  increasing the innovation capital of the public sector through technology and design-thinking. We make the stress-inducing process of going from idea to prototype to scale efficient, collaborative, and rewarding. We want organizations realize their innovation potential and scale their impact through actionable prototyping, especially in the public sector. 


Our mission is to support the fascinating, eternally important role of civic innovators in their quests to find new solutions to complex human problems through technology, design thinking, and delightful user experiences. 


Civic innovation demands that ideas and theories are tested not just quickly, but also mindfully, among end community members. As the rate of technological innovation increases in parallel with deepening social, security, and political issues,  an excellent opportunity has emerged for civic innovators to make a practical and inspiring difference by leveraging tools and processes once “reserved” for private sector implementation. By nurturing the exchange between what's worked in the private sector and the unique complexities of the public sector, we have the power to shape the zeitgeist of centuries to come.

These are just a few of the incredible organizations that we've gotten to build a network with over the years. 

Hiba Ganta

Hiba has dedicated her career to leveraging technology to propel civic innovation. Whether in workforce development, climate change, or education, she brings her expertise in rapid prototyping and innovation design to help public sector organizations scale their impact. Her work has reached thousands of citizens around the world through collaborations with civil society actors, NGOs, foundations, and multinational corporations (Paris Peace Forum, Falling Walls, MBK Rising!, GE Crotonville to name a few). Most recently, Hiba has adapted her unique approach to civic technology design into several coaching programs, including a civic innovation fellowship for public sector sector actors to digitize and scale their impact.

Fun fact: Hiba is an Arabic name, in homage to her country of birth, Oman.

Karen Holst

Karen is a product innovator and creative generalist with deep expertise in human-centered design strategies, cross-sector collaboration and partnerships, and launching new technologies. Karen is passionate about designing technology and solutions that work for people, combining studied insights and high-yield communications to create a visual “aha” that brings people along, changes beliefs and behaviors, and makes an impact in society.


From co-founding an educational technology company to projects with U.S. city, county, state, and federal agencies, her work has covered the gamut of civic technology. Ex-IDEO, Autodesk, California Department of Education and co-founder of MyEdu (acquired by Blackboard) . Her work has been featured in the New York Times, NPR, CNN, and she is a LinkedIn Learning instructor, teaching and mentoring entrepreneurs and civic technologists on how to approach innovation, from ideation and prototyping to launching and scaling.

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